NCT’s Haechan and Taeyong Address Sasaengs Waiting At Their Dorm

The members have no fear in calling out stalkers.

Being an idol is no easy feat, and it comes with a whole slew of problems such as crazy stalkers and extreme fans. Although the concept and existence of sasaengs are not a new thing, NCT‘s situation with them have recently been brought to attention.

On the 6th of June, during a V Live stream, member Haechan publicly addressed the situation and the sasaengs,

“Whatever way in which you give us love, we will be thankful. But there are people in front of our dorm building. Not just for the nine of us, but the NCT Dream dorm as well. We are so stressed about this and to be honest, it gives us a hard time. I know that you will still come even if I address this – we have directly requested you not to so many times. “It’s okay for us to be uncomfortable” – this phrase is such a weird one right? In a space meant for rest, we want to be able to do so and eat and play amongst ourselves. Despite this, you make us uncomfortable and have a hard time. We know that you do this because you like us but no actually, if you like us, I can’t understand this even more.

— Haechan

Haechan further explained that the situation is worsened as the residents of the building often complain to the boys about the sasaengs loitering. He also mentioned that if a fan runs into them on the streets by coincidence, they would gladly sign autographs, although this would not be the case for sasaengs that actively follow them around.

Member Taeyong also had a livestream on V LIVE two days later, and he brought up a similar topic. Taeyong mentioned it could be dangerous for the sasaengs as well, to loiter around the dorms, and said that the members are uncomfortable, once again requesting for the sasaengs to not come around.

Both members made sure to address other fans, saying that they do not wish to misunderstand regular fans as sasaengs, and that they are always thankful for the love and support, which is why they hope sasaengs will exercise some self-restraint.

Many fans have expressed admiration for the boys addressing the situation candidly and applaud them for calling out uncomfortable situations in such a mature and calm manner.

This is not the first time the boys have struggled with sasaengs, with a shocking video of a fan making a mad dash to the members at the airport previously making rounds on social media.