WayV’s Ten Chooses Which Of His Three Beloved Pets He Would Want To Be For A Day

He had a great reason for it, too!

It’s no secret that WayV‘s Ten loves his pets with all his heart — but which one would he want to become if given one day in their body?

Ten with his cats Louis (left) and Leon (right). | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

During a recent interview with QQ Music, Ten gave an answer! He started off by saying that lately, Louis and Leon, his two cats, have started doing more aegyo (acting cute). Louis in particular is very talkative nowadays!

| @tenlee_1001

But between Louis, Leon, and Bella, WayV’s adorable dog, Ten said he would want to become Leon!

| QQ Music
| QQ Music  

Ten pointed out that Leon is “very strong,” can jump very high, and has a nice physicality. It makes sense that a dancer like Ten would pay attention to the physical abilities of his cats!

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

It’s pretty obvious that someone with two cats would identify with them (Ten said in the Get Real podcast recently that his “spirit animal” would be a cat), but his answer just further confirms his cat-lover status.

| @tenlee_1001

Check out the interview below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram


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