WayV’s Ten Spotted With A New Tattoo And Has Fans Figuring Out What It Says

Fans might’ve figured it out.

From his right arm to his chest, WayV‘s Ten has a beloved collection of creative and beautiful tattoos that seems to be growing even bigger.

Eagle-eyed fans recently spotted Ten’s fifth tattoo and began piecing the clues together to figure out what it says.

| 威神V_TEN_李永钦/Weibo

During an Instagram live, Ten took the time to show love to one of their cats, Leon, by scratching his fluffy little head. There was something that immediately caught fans’ attention, though.

Right above his very first tattoo on his right arm, there was a new one that was different from all his others. It appeared to be two sentences in small font.

| @dorkiekookie/Twitter

When taking a closer look, WayZenNis discovered that the first part of both lines was in English with the last word on each seeming to be in another language. The beginning of the first line reads “YOU ARE THE,” while the seconds says “YOU HAVE TO.” That didn’t stop fans from trying to figure it out.

| @Lilytig93209869/Twitter

Since Ten shared a photo with the words “LIGHT BURN” not too long ago, fans easily matched it up with his tattoo: “YOU ARE THE LIGHT. YOU HAVE TO BURN.”

Since NCT 127‘s Taeyong has opened up about the meaning behind some of his tattoos, Ten might eventually give everyone a little insight. Whether or not he decides to share, WayZenNis will still be enjoying how amazing they look.


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