WayV’s Ten And YangYang Got To Take Home A Souvenir From Their First Class Flight To KOSMO

Who knew getting from KWANGYA to KOSMO could be so easy?

While the other groups in SM Entertainment‘s “SMCU” are fighting for their lives to reach KOSMO, WayV‘s Ten and YangYang had it easy in their “Low Low” music video!

Ten (left) and YangYang (right) of WayV. | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

In the sub-unit’s music video, the pair take a pretty sweet ride to their very own WayV Airlines airport before flying to KOSMO. It’s a huge party from the warehouse to the airport to the plane!

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Ten said in a recent interview that it was his favorite part of the music video, but he specifically loved the passports he and YangYang had! They first referred to it as the KWANGYA passport, but YangYang corrected it and said it was actually from KOSMO.

Interviewer: Which scene do you like the most in the music video?

Ten: I like the one where our passports show KWANGYA!

| 迷妹专访/Weibo 

YangYang posted on his Instagram story shortly after the video came out. He shared a picture of the passport which says “Republic of KOSMO” and said, “Yeah it’s my passport!”

| @yangyang_x2/Instagram

In the SMCU, all of the SM Entertainment groups are based in KWANGYA: a dimension whose exact coordinates match the location of the SM Entertainment building in Seoul! KOSMO, on the other hand, is where or what aespa and NCT are aiming for.

| 迷妹专访/Weibo 

During the interview, YangYang hilariously pointed out that while their seniors (NCT) and juniors (aespa) are struggling to get to KOSMO, Ten and YangYang got there easily!

Look at our juniors and seniors; it was tough for them to go to [KOSMO] but we got there with a plane! We had a passport and just had to get a flight ticket.

— YangYang

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Ten liked the KOSMO passport so much that he asked the director if he could take it home after filming, and the director said yes! But both Ten and YangYang admitted they still have it in their bags since they forgot to take it out.

Ten: I asked our MV director if we can take the KWANGYA passport, and he said “Oh, you can take it home.”

YangYang: It’s still in my bag; I forgot to take it out.

Ten: Me too!

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

Check out Ten and YangYang’s trip to KOSMO in the “Low Low” music video below!

Source: Weibo, YouTube and Twitter