WayV Ten And YangYang’s “Love-Hate” Relationship With Honorary Dorm Member NCT’s Renjun Is Mostly Love

The other members aren’t even surprised anymore when they see Renjun in their dorm!

NCT‘s Renjun is super close with the members of WayV, especially YangYang and Ten!

Ten, Renjun, and YangYang. | WayV/YouTube 

In a recent interview, YangYang was asked about his “love-hate” relationships with NCT’s ’00 line. YangYang said the most obvious one was with Renjun!

I think the most obvious person that I have a love-hate relationship with is Renjun. Because basically, if he has nothing much to do, he would come look for me.

— YangYang

Ten joked that Renjun is basically part of them now, saying, “He is our WayV’s new dormitory member.” According to YangYang, Renjun shows up in their dorms at least once every two days — but Ten said it’s every day now!

| 迷妹专访/Weibo 

It’s not a new change in their relationship by any means; back in October of 2020, Renjun appeared during one of YangYang’s livestreams at the WayV dorm. Renjun said he comes over often to play games when he has nothing else to do — and to see their adorable dog, Bella!

YangYang, Renjun, and Kun. | WayVYANGYANG/Weibo 

Ten and WayV’s leader Kun used to be surprised seeing Renjun over at their place, but now it’s the most normal thing in the world!

| 迷妹专访/Weibo 

YangYang explained that their close relationship might be because of their similar ages; since they’re both on the younger side of NCT’s roster, they have “many things [they] can talk about.”

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

YangYang and Renjun previously revealed that they had each other’s contact names as “Yang Baby” and “Huang Baby.” Ten said that Renjun changed his name in Ten’s phone, too!

I think in 2019, his name on my phone was always ‘Renjun,’ but he changed it to ‘Our cute little brother Renjun.

— Ten

| 迷妹专访/Weibo

The WayV members’ relationship with Renjun is so iconic! It’s so fun to see how they match each other’s energy, and fans love to see them interact.

Source: YouTube, YouTube and Weibo