WayV’s Ten Falls And Yangyang Gets Shoved After Being Mobbed By Fans—In A Pandemic

The invasion of personal space risked their safety in more ways than one.

Despite the worldwide pandemic calling for social distancing, individuals invaded WayV‘s personal space and endangered their safety during their recent arrival at Gimpo International Airport. Incidents involving Ten and Yangyang amidst the chaos especially saddened and angered the fans worldwide.

As soon as the group arrived from their schedules in Jeju, fans disregarded safety protocol and attempted to get as close to the members as much as possible. This resulted in one particular woman roughly shoving Yangyang while also invading his personal space.

| 마니아타임즈 / 연예마니아 / 마니아TV/YouTube 

After fans fell over each other inside of the building in an effort to get closer to WayV, the crowd worsened as the group exited the airport.

So many fans mobbed the group that Ten ended up falling to the ground. That’s when he was finally given some space, allowing staff members to help him.

The staff members and security didn’t waste any time as they helped Ten to his feet and swiftly moved him to their waiting car.

Seeing the group face such danger served as a reminder of why WayZenNis and NCTzens have been calling for more safety set in place to protect the members. The fact that it happened during a worldwide pandemic further broke the fans’ hearts. The close proximity is especially dangerous of a possible viral spread, which could potentially cause the members to halt their activities and undergo quarantine.

Well wishes go out to the group in the hopes that none of them were seriously harmed by the unfortunate event.