WayV’s Winwin And Hendery Hilariously Expose Kun’s Snacking Habits

They even brought up where he keeps his secret stash of snacks!

WayV‘s Winwin and Hendery totally exposed their leader, Kun!

On the latest episode of Winformation, Winwin invited fellow member Hendery as a guest, where they decided to read questions from fans and answer them!

The first question they got was,

WayV members, what’s your favorite snack? Give us recommendations!

Winwin and Hendery revealed that the two actually don’t snack much,  preferring to eat just a bag of potato chips while watching a movie. But among the WayV members, there’s only one true “pro-snacker”- their leader Kun!

Winwin: When we watch just a drama together or when we watch a movie, we just eat a bag of potato chips.

Hendery: Right, for snacks, another member is a pro at this. Kun.


Hendery further elaborated on Kun’s revered expertise when it comes to snacks!

Not only does he know about many brands, he’s great at describing the taste. I think in a few years he may make his own snacks and eat them.


They also exposed how Kun stored snacks under his bed in storage cases!

We all have boards under the bed and there are 3 storage cases under them. So in all of those 3 storage cases, if you open it and take a look, most of the things in them are electronic devices, like chargers. Also some other miscellaneous items.

But for Kun, when you open it, it’s golden! You can open it like a treasure chest! There are colourful snacks in them. It’s a secret storage. If you sell all the snacks in there, you could earn money, for probably, 2 months worth of food!


As all fans know, Kun is an excellent cook, so it’d definitely make sense for him to have a vast knowledge of different snacks as well!

You can watch them expose Kun from the 2:07 mark here!

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