WayV’s Yangyang Reveals Why He’s Scared To Answer Phone Calls

There’s a reason the maknae sticks to texting.

In WayV‘s segment This Or That, each member goes through a round of rapid-fire questions to share what they like most. In Yangyang‘s, his briefly took a bit of a dark turn when he mentioned being afraid to answer phone calls.

| 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG/Weibo

When Yangyang had to make a choice between texting or calling, he didn’t need any time to choose. He immediately said, “Texting!” Yangyang spoke for many people when saying, “I don’t like answering phone calls.

He then revealed he was afraid to answer calls and shared the understandable reason why. “I’m scared because I get calls from strangers often.” Even though the average person receives calls from unknown people disguised as scams, it seemed to be a different type of stranger calling.

Since instances like a sasaeng interrupting NCT Dream‘s live broadcast by calling Jeno happens often enough that he said, “It’s a sasaeng calling again,” it would make sense those same type of people are trying to contact Yangyang as well.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Despite how worrying it was, Yangyang still kept a bright smile as he opened up about it. Watch him share the scary reason why he won’t pick up phone calls here.