NCT Dream’s Live Was Interrupted By A Sasaeng, And They Weren’t Happy

Jaemin and Jeno were over it.

NCT Dream recently held a live broadcast that wasn’t as peaceful as they thought it would be. Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung were in the middle of playing a game when the mood suddenly went downhill from an unexpected and unwelcome interruption.

Before Jeno could unfold and read the piece of paper he selected, his phone started vibrating in his pocket. Wondering who would be calling him during their live broadcast, he reached in to retrieve it. Jaemin and Jisung were just as curious, with the former asking who it could be.

Who is it?

When Jeno finally got his hands on his phone, he pulled it out and took a look at the screen. Jaemin leaned forward to find out who it was as well. The way Jeno turned his head indicated that it wasn’t something positive. Jaemin then told everyone what happened.

With the deadliest, calm look on his face, Jaemin revealed that it was no one other than a sasaeng who’d been calling Jeno and rudely interrupting their live broadcast. To make it worse, it wasn’t the first time.

It’s a sasaeng calling again.

To cover up their discomfort, Jeno looked at his watch while Jisung just tried to smile. Jaemin, on the other hand, didn’t care if everyone saw how tired he was of sasaengs repeatedly overstepping boundaries.


The fact that it wasn’t an unusual occurrence makes it even more unfortunate to witness. Fortunately, they didn’t let it bother them too much and continued with their game. See the interruption that they shouldn’t be used to dealing with here.

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