WayV’s Hendery Gains Attention For His Behavior Towards aespa’s Giselle During SMTOWN LIVE 2022

Hendery gained attention for showcasing his true personality!

After an amazing performance at SM Entertainment’s SMTOWN LIVE 2022, WayV‘s Hendery and aespa‘s Giselle have gained attention for a touching moment.

WayV’s Hendery | @i_m_hendery/Instagram

Aespa’s Giselle | @aespa_official/Twitter

Earlier in the week, the artists of SM Entertainment took the internet by storm when they all joined together for the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert. Whether it was Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, or NCT, all the artists came together to perform in front of fans watching in the venue and online.

SM Entertainment artists | SM Entertainment

One performance that particularly stood out came from the unit of NCT’s Jeno and Taeyong, WayV’s Hendery and YangYang, along with aespa’s Giselle. The group wowed fans with their talent and professionalism during their performance of “ZOO.”

The performance of “ZOO” | Beyond Live

| Beyond Live  

As expected, the idols completely slayed and gained attention for their talent, visuals, and charisma on stage.

It was a moment after the performance that recently caught the attention of fans. In a short three-second clip, a fan shared a video showing just how much of a gentleman Hendery is.

When the performance ended, the lights went down, and the idols made their way backstage (probably for an iconic Lee Soo Man hug). Yet, netizens noticed that Hendery took Giselle’s arm as they were walking to help her comfortably and safely get down the steps.

| @sighfae/Twitter 

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t get over how sweet Hendery was being towards Giselle. After working so hard together for the performance, the duo must’ve become friends, and it was sweet that Giselle felt comfortable enough to allow Hendery to guide her.

Throughout the concert, the members of aespa and NCT had some of the cutest interactions. Although sometimes idols are reluctant to interact because of rumors, it seems like the SM Entertainment artists all have a great friendship with each other.

Although there is a gap in age and seniority between Hendery and Giselle, the duo’s interaction shows just how genuine and caring the idols are. Hendery could’ve walked away and allowed Giselle to go alone in fear of getting hate comments, but he chose to take the chance to ensure her safety.

You can read more about Giselle going viral with members of NCT below.

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Source: @sighfae

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