A Moment Between aespa’s Giselle And NCT’s Yuta Goes Viral At SMTOWN LIVE 2022, And Now Fans Need To See More

“SM, you know what we want.”

Aespa‘s Giselle and NCT‘s Yuta went viral at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, and it’s leading to demands from fans for many more moments of them together.

Aespa’s Giselle at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 | @aespanim/Twitter

NCT’s Yuta

SM Entertainment‘s SMTOWN LIVE has had no shortage of viral moments, from the adorable interactions between idols to unexpectedly hilarious clips, one of them courtesy of NCT’s YangYang in “ZOO,” which he performed along with NCT’s Jeno, Taeyong, Hendery, and aespa’s Giselle.

But aside from the comedic elements of “ZOO,” Giselle actually gained plenty of praise for her performance in it. Despite some technical mishaps, she was able to show her true professionalism onstage by not missing a single beat.

In fact, fans pointed out adorable evidence that she seemed to be having a good time!

It turns out, however, that in addition to her skills and her visuals…

…Giselle has also gained plenty of attention for one particular clip of her and Yuta. When the idols were spread out throughout the stage, some of the NCT members walked past aespa. They all politely greeted each other, but Giselle’s greeting of Yuta instantly went viral.

The short clip currently stands at 1.5 million views, even though nothing happens in it other than the greeting. And yet, it has still managed to get fans excited by finally showing a new interaction between SM Entertainment’s “J-line.”

Seeing as Yuta is from Japan and Giselle is Korean-Japanese, fans are now hoping for the possibility of a special performance by SM Entertainment’s Japanese artists at the upcoming SMTOWN LIVE concert in Tokyo.

The J-line also includes NCT member Shotaro, who has come to share the cutest friendship with Yuta.

Yuta (left) and Shotaro (right) | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

And while he has yet to make his debut, fans are also excited to see SM RookiesShohei join in.

SM Rookies’ Shohei | UI4_SHOHEI

Given the insane potential of this combination, fans definitely can’t be blamed for wanting a special J-line stage in Tokyo! It would certainly be a sight to behold…