The 3 Members Who Helped NCT’s Shotaro Most When First Joining The Group

Each of them helped Shotaro in different ways.

While featuring in the Japanese magazine MEN’S NON-NO, the outlet asked NCT‘s Shotaro if any of the members “left a strong impression” on him when he first joined the group. He recalled the three members who helped him most as he transitioned into a K-Pop idol.

Shotaro | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Although “everyone helped” Shotaro and welcomed him with open arms, the first member he named was Yuta. Shotaro was impressed by Yuta’s ability to thrive in Korean culture as a Japanese native and become a strong entertainer.

First of all, Yuta is somebody that I look up to as my senior member who has been active in a foreign land as a Japanese member for many years. I have so much to learn from him. I admire his strong confidence and that energy he emits brightly.

— Shotaro

Yuta and Shotaro. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Shotaro was also appreciative of Doyoung because of the caring way he would guide him and offer tips while they were in the recording booth. He revealed, “And Doyoung stood right by my side during recording, teaching me many things.

Doyoung | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

As the group’s overall leader, it was only natural for Taeyong to be a source of guidance for Shotaro as well. He was especially helpful when recommending ways Shotaro could elevate his performing.

Taeyong was very enthusiastic in giving me advice on the composition of our performances, and gave me so many specific suggestions like, ‘For this performance, if you look to the side while your dancing, they’ll be able to catch you on the camera.’

— Shotaro

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

While these three members helped him most when he first joined the group, Shotaro appreciated all twenty-three members for supporting him. He concluded, “I can never forget how all the other members stood by me and taught me so much.

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram