“Taking Revenge On My Bully Stuck In The Wall…” — Netizens Enraged Over Creepy Web Drama Clip Featuring High School Students

Many have found the clip problematic for a number of reasons.

A web drama clip from YouTube channel MilkFilm is receiving hate from netizens due to its inappropriate themes involving high school students. The clip features high school bully Malsook hiding her cigarette from a teacher and hiding herself in a hole in the wall.

However, she immediately realizes she’s stuck in the wall.

A victim of her bullying, Jeon Kyungmin, appears and she urges him to help her.

He has a failed attempt of pulling her out from the front.

Later, he goes behind the wall and offers to push her from behind as the camera zooms in on her bottom.

Malsook refuses Kyungmin’s help as he confirms this is her punishment.

He compliments her before getting ready to leave…

…when she emerges from the wall, wanting to start anew.

The clip has received immense flack from netizens at the creepy and sexual subtext of Malsook getting stuck in the wall. Specifically, many are upset with the scene sexualizing a high school uniform and the title insinuating a pornographic theme.

  • “Are they copying porn? The way she’s stuck like that in that position…”
    • “Yea they are”
  • “Aren’t they students? Are they crazy..”
  • “Aigoo…”
  • “I mean I get it if its a parody…but kids can watch YouTube too..wish they would manage who can watch this..”
  • “They’re even wearing school uniforms..are they crazy? Taking sexual content and using it while wearing school uniforms…it’s set so that all audiences can watch…wouldn’t they get caught by the Child and Adolescent Sexual Protection Act? Ha..I’m so mad.”
    • “I guess it’s because the topic itself is humor..”
  • “Why are they using topics like this…this is too much…”
  • “Why are they in uniform…what’s wrong with them..”
| Instiz

Netizens also believe YouTube video’s thumbnail crosses the line, as it includes a photo of Malsook from behind.

| MilkFilm/YouTube

The full clip can be found below.

Source: Instiz
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