Recent Wedding Footage of Girls’ Generation Tiffany Exposes Her True Character, According To Fans

Fans are pointing out many noteworthy aspects of Tiffany’s behavior.

Recent footage of Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany singing for a friend at their wedding is currently the talk of the internet.

It’s been revealed that the footage of Tiffany’s performance was uploaded on the bride’s Instagram account.


In the video, Tiffany sang Runaway, Once In a Lifetime, and H.E.R‘s Best Part.

What many fans noticed was her incredible singing ability in the video.

But aside from that, fans are also praising Tiffany for what they believe expose Tiffany’s true character.

One netizen pointed out the fact that Tiffany sang in a mask and shared just how difficult that is to do.

You’d know if you tried singing in a mask. It’s 1.5 times harder. It makes you realize how precious it is to breathe in between… She can only do that because she’s a pro.

— Fan

And another fan added that the fact that she wore a mask goes to show just how considerate Tiffany is.

It would’ve been understandable if she took off her mask just to sing. Whether it’s because it’s uncomfortable or because she wants to look pretty. It must’ve been hard to breathe…

— Fan

They also added that what she wore to the wedding says a lot about Tiffany’s true character as well.

A black top with grey slacks… She probably has more pretty clothes and accessories than anyone. I’m not even a huge fan, but I see her wear vibrant colors. And she has pretty legs, so she looks good in skirts. Look at how she wore so plainly so that her friend could shine…

— Fan

The comment above was liked by hundreds of other fans who agree with their sentiments.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch

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