“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Reveals Her Ult K-Pop Group, And It Should Come As No Surprise

She’s a total multi-fan, but she’s got an ult group for sure!

Actress Emma Myers just revealed her ult K-Pop group!

Emma Myers as Enid in “Wednesday” | Netflix

Emma Myers is currently gaining fame for her role in the recent Tim Burton and Netflix series Wednesday. The recently released show broke Stranger Things‘ record for most hours viewed in a week for an English-language TV series on the streaming service.

Wednesday is an American coming of age supernatural comedy horror television series based upon the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family…

After being expelled from high school, Wednesday Addams enrolls at Nevermore Academy, a school for monstrous misfits once attended by her parents, Gomez and Morticia. Struggling to fit in with her contemporaries and coming to grips with her psychic abilities, Wednesday becomes witness to several murders committed by a strange monster, which she decides to investigate.

— Wikipedia

“Wednesday” poster.

In the show, Myers plays the role of Enid, Wednesday Addam’s upbeat werewolf roommate turned bestie. She’s the total opposite of Wednesday, but that means they balance each other so well!

Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair (left) and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams (right) in “Wednesday.” | Netflix

Besides Myers’ role as the lovable Enid, she has garnered extra attention from netizens after they discovered that she is following practically the entire K-Pop industry on Instagram. Some of the many accounts she follows are that of ASTRO, ATEEZ, BTS, GOT7, Kim Sejeong, NCT, SHINee, STAYC, Stray Kids, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, and TXT.

Myers is clearly a multi-K-Pop fan. Still, she has an ult group like many of us, and she just officially confirmed it!


Like the rest of us, Myers shared her 2022 Spotify Wrapped results. Of course, her top artist was one of our favorite K-Pop groups…

Spotify Wrapped is a viral marketing campaign by Spotify. Released annually in early December since 2016, the campaign allows Spotify users to view a compilation of data about their activity on the platform over the past year and invites them to share it on social media.

— Wikipedia

It’s none other than SEVENTEEN!

| @ememyers/Instagram

This should come as no surprise, considering how often she has talked about SEVENTEEN even while promoting Wednesday. She has been a fan of “for just over five years,” and her bias is Jeonghan.

Myers also said her favorite concert was SEVENTEEN’s 2020 “ODE TO YOU” concert in Newark.

She even attended their 2022 Be The Sun Tour in Atlanta.

Knowing what a CARAT she is, everything makes sense. From Enid’s highlights…

…to this tiger plushie!

Read more about Emma Myers’ and her love for K-Pop below.

“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Is A Huge K-Pop Fan — You Probably Stan Some Of The Same Groups

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