Super Rookie Group Weeekly Has Just Snagged An Impressive Album Sales Record With Their Debut Album

And they did it in just over a month!

Although having debuted only a little over a month ago, Play M Entertainment‘s new girl group Weeekly has just set a major album sales record among this year’s rookie groups.

| @MnetMcountdown/Twitter

Play M Entertainment recently revealed, in just over a month since its release on June 30, Weeekly’s debut mini-album We Are has surpassed 20,000 cumulative album sales. The company further revealed that additional copies were being produced thanks to all the support for Weeekly and We Are.

While 20,000 album sales is an amazing feat as it is, with this achievement, Weeekly now holds the record for the highest number of album sales among rookie girl groups in the first half of 2020. Making the achievement even more meaningful, We Are was sold only in a single album version.

| @_Weeekly/Twitter

Showcasing their amazing power with the new record, Weeekly has also been proving their super rookie status with their debut MV for “Tag Me (@Me)”. Releasing a few hours before the album, the music video has received almost 14 million views and counting.

With an impressive new record and continuously rising views, Weeekly has definitely proven their status as a super rookie group! Check out their debut MV below:

Source: Star Today and Sports Donga