This week’s SBS “My Lovely Girl” episode cancelled due to baseball match

This week’s episode of the popular SBS drama My Lovely Girl featuring f(x)‘s Krystal and Rain, which was set to air on October 22nd, has been cancelled due to a Korean baseball match.

On October 22nd, SBS aired the second round of the “2014 Pro Baseball Play Off”. The match was delayed due to the both teams’ fiery competition. The match ended with LG’s victory.

Along with the end of the match, SBS sent out an announcement revealing My Sweet City and SBS News will be aired, while My Lovely Girl will be cancelled for the day, devastating the fans of Rain and Krystal.

The fans are crying with anger and disappointment at the fact that their long-awaited next episode was cancelled.

The popularity of “My Lovely Girl” indeed is significant, seeing that the drama is preferred over Korea’s most loved sport.

Source:  X Sports News

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