WEi Announces Their Official Fandom Name — And Fans Are Having Mixed Reactions

Do you like this name?

OUI Entertainment’s newest boy group WEi has officially announced their fandom name.

| @WEi_Official/Twitter

On their official fancafe announcement, they revealed the name to be RUi.

| @WEi_Official/Twitter

The name references constellations. Out of 28 constellations, WEi’s first syllable, “We,” is the 17th constellation and “Lu/Ru” is the 16th.

In other words, RUi are always illuminating the way for WEi!

| @WEi_Official/Twitter

It also means “R U i?” (Are you I?) meaning WEi and RUi recognize eachother as destiny and are a mirror image of eachother.

| @WEi_Official/Twitter

However, some fans have mixed opinions about this name. In addition to Wei Rui being the name of an athlete, some have brought attention to the fancafe’s poll where “MEi” received the most votes.

However, many fans believe that since WEi has picked this name for their fandom, they’re proud of the new name and will embrace it.

Check out their video announcement below!

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