WEi’s Yohan Tried BTS V’s “ON” Hairstyle…But It Didn’t Go As He Planned

“It didn’t work out.” 😂

WEi‘s Yohan recently went for a new hairstyle inspired by BTS‘s V…but the result was far from what he wanted!

| @WEi_member/Twitter

During UNI-KON, Yohan emerged with a new textured and fluffy hairstyle, which is quite different from his usual sleek and shiny hairdo.

He revealed this new look was inspired by V’s look in the “ON” music video.

He wanted to achieve the same tousled and grown-out hairstyle. The style has a cool and edgy vibe.

In order to do this, Yohan decided to grow out his hair.

However, he claimed the stylist didn’t exactly give him what he wanted.

I wanted to try it for once…but it didn’t work out.

— Yohan

The results? Yohan looked totally cute and fluffy! However, he was a little too cute and fluffy for his own taste.

He wanted an edgy and sexy vibe…

…but ended up looking like an adorable teddy bear!

To Yohan, it might have been a fail, but to all of his fans, the new look was definitely a win!


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