“I Weigh 41.6 Kg”: Influencer Song Ji A Spills The One Thing She Keeps Away From Her Diet For Her “Summer Body”

She eats two meals a day—but there’s a catch.

YouTuber and influencer Song Ji A (also known as Freezia) recently revealed her weight and diet routine.

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In 2021, Song Ji A stunned the world with her visuals when she made her slow-mo entrance on Netflix‘s reality dating show Single’s Inferno. Along with her beauty, her confidence stood out, which made her even more attractive.

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Audiences noticed Song Ji A’s cute outfits on the show—such as the furry pink Prada purse she constantly carried around the “deserted” island as male participants pined after her attention.

Choi Si Hun (left) and Song Ji A (right) | Netflix

At the peak of her popularity after Single’s Inferno, Song Ji A got swept up in a controversy regarding her wearing fake luxury goods. She confirmed which of her items were fake and which were real and uploaded an apology video on her YouTube channel, free지아, which had almost 2 million subscribers at the time.

She also deleted everything on her Instagram except an apology post and disappeared from the YouTube and entertainment scene for a while. About four months after the scandal, Song Ji A returned to Instagram and YouTube.

I am healthy and well thanks to your concern and support. How are you guys doing?

— Song Ji A’s first Instagram caption after four months

Last month, she signed with a new agency Sublime Artist Agency, which also houses Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany YoungParasite actor Song Kang Ho, GOT7‘s Jackson, and more. After joining the new label, on May 20, Song Ji A started a new YouTube channel called THE 프리지아 (translated into THE Freezia).

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In her most recent video on the new channel, Song Ji A answered fans’ questions about how she cares for herself. One question asked: “I’m curious about how you maintain your summer body!

THE 프리지아/YouTube

In response, she revealed that there is one thing she does not do: snack.

First, I don’t snack. I don’t like snacking. I just eat my meals—two meals a day.

— Song Ji A

| @dear.zia/Instagram

She then shared that she also does intermittent fasting. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, intermittent fasting is about when you eat rather than what you eat. Although there are many ways to do intermittent fasting, they are all about choosing regular times to eat and fast. A typical daily intermittent fasting schedule is the 16/8 plan, where you eat during an eight-hour period and then fast for the next sixteen.


Song Ji A revealed what times she eats every day.

I eat my first meal at 4 or 5 p.m. and then eat at 12 or 1 a.m., and that’s it! I don’t eat anything else. So two meals a day and no snacking. If I have to snack, it’s only like an iced americano.

— Song Ji A

An iced Americano does not have many calories; for example, a Grande sized (16 fl oz) Iced Caffè Americano from Starbucks is only 15 calories.

| @dear.zia/Instagram

While answering another question about how much she weighs, Song Ji A revealed that she is 41.6 kilograms (91.7 pounds) these days. You can check out her full video below:

Source: THE 프리지아 and Johns Hopkins Medicine

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