Weki Meki’s Doyeon Is Getting Online Hate For Revealing Her Dietary Preferences To Fans

She’s been hit with an unexpected controversy.

With Weki Meki‘s October comeback right around the corner, Doyeon‘s past remark regarding a vegan cafe has sparked controversy online.

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In an online community, one netizen shared a screenshot of what Doyeon said on social media during a chat with a fan.

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The screenshot shows Doyeon’s remark,

A vegan cafe? Ew, I hate those.

— Doyeon

The netizen then asked fellow netizens,

What do you think about Weki Meki Doyeon’s thought about veganism?

— Netizen

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And many of those who read the post expressed that Doyeon has the right to express her own opinions.

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Some of the comments include “Why is it so bad for her to dislike something?“, “Why is this even a controversy?“, “Are celebrities not allowed to express their thoughts in public?“, and “That’s just her taste. People are so sensitive“.

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On the other hand, other netizens expressed that it indeed was a controversial remark similar to Don Spike‘s controversial dislike toward cats.

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Weki Meki is set to make a comeback early next month with their mini-album, “NEW RULES.”

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