Weki Meki Can’t Hide Their Emotions During Their “Siesta” Stage – Here’s Why Their Recent Performance Was So Meaningful

Fans had been waiting a long time.

Weki Meki recently performed their title track “Siesta” on Mnet‘s M Countdown because of fans’ nominations on Mnet’s new series, ROAD TO MAX.

Weki Meki | @WekiMeki_Staff/Twitter

Weki Meki released “Siesta” as part of their I Am Me. album in November 2021.

Although the comeback was well-received, there hasn’t yet been an announcement from Fantagio Entertainment about their next comeback.

Many fans have continually voiced concerns about Fantagio Entertainment allegedly neglecting the almost five-year group who still don’t have a first win or lightstick.

Multiple members of Weki Meki have even secured their own individual schedules without any promotions from their company.

But thanks to their devoted fanbase, Weki Meki was able to perform a stage on M Countdown in front of fans for the first time since they released “Tiki Taka” in 2019.

Their fans started a loud fanchant at the beginning of “Siesta” that visibly made multiple members emotional. With Suyeon, Sei, Elly, and Lucy unable to hide their smiles at the beginning of the song.

Sei and Suyeon | @tiny_blushh/Twitter
Elly | @tiny_blushh/Twitter
Lucy | @tiny_blushh/Twitter

Sei especially could not hide her reaction to hearing fans cheering.

Sei | @ILoveSEI_/Twitter 

The members’ happiness was especially meaningful since this was the group’s first performance of “Siesta” with all eight members. During their promotions in 2021, Doyeon injured her wrist and couldn’t participate.

Hopefully Weki Meki will make a comeback soon where the group can show off their immeasurable talents and once again hear their fans’ support.

You can watch their recent performance here.

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