Weki Meki’s Doyeon Injures Wrist Ahead Of Comeback

Her company released an official statement.

Weki Meki‘s Doyeon has injured her wrist ahead of her group’s long-awaited comeback. It was previously reported that Weki Meki would be making a comeback on November 18, 2021 with their fifth mini album, I AM ME Given that it has been about a year and a month since they last released an album, this comeback is an extremely important one for the rookie group.

However, in some bad news, she has injured her wrist and will have to wait and see if she will be able to participate in the comeback. According to her agency, she will be in a cast until doctors deem recovery.

Hello. This is Fantagio. This is an announcement on Weki Meki Doyeon’s wrist injury. Last week, amidst schedules, she was injured and instantly went to the hospital for a detailed checkup with the medical staff. The diagnosis was that her wrist was fractured. Until she recovers, she will use a cast and a sling, following the medical professional’s advice and will be receiving treatment at the hospital as well as getting sufficient rest. After we observe her recovery process, we will make a decision with regards to the activities for the 5th mini album. We ask for your understanding about the sudden news and for worrying you. We will do our best in the future with our artists’ health as priority and for their quick recovery.

— Fantagio Entertainment

Stay tuned for more news on Doyeon’s recovery and Weki Meki’s comeback!


Source: Star Today

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