Weki Meki’s Yoojung Opens Up About The Pressure She Felt Debuting As A Soloist

Despite the pressure, she has an incredibly positive mindset.

Weki Meki‘s Yoojung has officially made her solo debut with Sunflower after six years as a successful artist.

Yoojung first appeared on Mnet‘s iconic survival show, Produce 101, earning her place as the show’s first center before debuting as part of the final lineup for I.O.I. After I.O.I’s disbandment, she re-debuted with Fantagio Entertainment‘s girl group Weki Meki who are still actively promoting.

Weki Meki

Since her debut, Yoojung has shown off her incredible skills as an artist, always showcasing her amazing dance, rap, and vocal ability. The idol has even been featured in shows like Street Woman Fighter and the vocalist survival show V-1.

Understandably, fans were incredibly excited to see what the incredibly talented all-rounder would wow them with in her solo debut.

Although it took six years for a solo debut, Yoojung poured her heart into the single album, basing the concept around her symbol, a sunflower. The talented idol was also credited as a lyricist for the title track “Sunflower (P.E.L)” and the b-side “Tip Tip Toes.”

I don’t think I’m the type of person who talked a lot [when preparing for Weki Meki’s releases]. But this time, I shared a lot of opinions because I felt more responsible doing it alone.

— Yoojung

Yoojung | Fantagio Entertainment

The idol admitted that there is pressure in standing up on stage alone without her members.

It would be a lie to say there is only a little pressure about being a soloist without being all together as eight members, but I’m trying my best to enjoy it.

— Yoojung

Performing with members typically requires idols to follow specific choreography, but for her solo debut, Yoojung put a lot of emphasis on “[performing] freely on stage.”

I felt it was difficult for me to perform freely on stage since I have been part of a group for a long time. So, I thought I should put a lot of effort into using the stage freely. Also, when I’m on the stage by myself, I’m aware of the fact of how important it is to know for sure what looks the most attractive to me and what I’m best at, and what I like the most. I try to put great care into these too.

— Yoojung

Although Yoojung felt “a lot of pressure” about debuting as a soloist, she has an incredibly positive mindset, wanting to focus on her excitement rather than her anxiety.

I feel a lot of pressure, anxiety, and doubt about doing activities as a soloist because I’ve been doing activities in a group so far. But there is also anticipation, excitement, and the desire to have fun. Above all, what I’m prioritizing is to show my music and performance to many people as soon as possible. That is what motivates me to work hard.

— Yoojung

Ultimately, Yoojung wants to share her love of the stage and music with fans, having grown from a kid who “danced while watching [her] reflection in the window in [her] living room” to a talented and successful idol.

I want to be a person who can enjoy the stage comfortably, and to make people look forward to my performances. I want to be an artist that many people want to watch whenever they hear that I am performing.

— Yoojung

There’s no doubt that Yoojung’s passion for performing is immediately visible whenever the idol takes the stage, stunning fans with her incredible skill.

You can watch the music video for “Sunflower (P.E.L)” here.

Source: NME

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