Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung Hits Back At Haters Once Again – As She Should

Queen energy.

Weki Meki‘s Yoojung hit back at a hater for a ridiculous comment on her social media recently. The hater at come at her on her TikTok account.

Given recent sad news about Gugudan disbanding after a few years into their career, this hater decided to use it as fodder to attack Yoojung. The hater commented, “Yoojung must be anxious that her group might also end up like Gugudan.

| pann

The sharp star immediately hit back with “You live like that forever…^^” for which many netizens praised her and criticized haters for “having no life“.

| @dbeoddl__/Instagram

This is not the first time Yoojung has snapped back at haters. When a hater had sent her a DM saying her appearance was common, Yoojung swiftly posted a screenshot of the DM along with the words, “I’m aware that there are more people that love me than those who don’t.

Well done, Yoojung!

Source: pann
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