Weki Meki’s Yoojung Reveals Their Old Dorm Caught Fire, And She Was Burned

Flames were on both sides of Yoojung.

Weki Meki‘s Yoojung told a story about how the dorm they were living at shortly after they debuted caught fire, leaving the members scrambling to their agency building and a burn mark on Yoojung’s hood, right by her forehead.

Weki Meki was the guest on the most recent episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, where they shared the story about their terrifying experience. Doyeon introduced the event, causing immediate shock from the panelists.

Our dorm caught on fire.

— Doyeon

MC Jang Do Yeon asked what the members did in the situation, so Yoojung told the story.

I was laying in the top bunk of a bunk bed, but it was very uncomfortable so I brought my blanket and went to sleep in the living room. Lua was also sleeping in the living room with me that night, and the next day as soon as Lua woke up, she screamed ‘Unnie!’

— Yoojung

She continued with the story, sharing just how close the flames were to her.

When I opened my eyes and realized what was happening, I saw that there were flames rising on both sides of me.

— Yoojung

Lua even provided a size comparison to how high the flames were, reaching her height, sitting down, which can be estimated at around 4 feet high (122 cm). Yoojung then shared how they escaped, and how she was lucky she didn’t get burnt, only her pajamas.

So we all ran to our agency first, and we arrived in a state of panic and didn’t know the situation. In the practice rooms, there are very big mirrors, full length mirrors. When I looked at it, the bear head of my pajamas had a burn hole in it. So I was also worried if my hair was burnt.

— Yoojung

MC Jun Hyun Moo asked when this event happened, and Doyeon responded by saying the event occurred shortly after the group debuted.

Watch the whole segment below:

Source: Newsen