Welkeeps Disposes of 10,000 Masks After Their Part-Timer Was Photographed Rubbing His Face on Them

A part-timer at the factory rubbed his face all over the masks and then posted it on Instagram.

According to Jungang Ilbo, Welkeeps has decided to dispose of 10,000 masks due to one of their employees’ inappropriate behavior, which was captured on camera and spread on the internet.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis in Korea, citizens are desperately trying to get their hands on masks due to a short supply compared to demand.

But one employee (20) at a Welkeeps factory photographed himself rubbing his face on a pile of masks yet to be packaged and shared it on Instagram Live.

Following the spread of the photos online, netizens reacted in a negative manner with worry about all of Welkeeps products.

“I don’t feel safe using their products anymore.”

“If that happened to those, what about my masks?”

“I feel sick.”

– Netizens

In response, Welkeeps was quick to apologize and reassure consumers that the masks shown in the photos as well as the batches before and after it will be disposed of.

The entire line that the employee worked on will not be dispatched. We plan to dispose of the 10,000 masks that were produced before and after that employee’s shift as well.

– Welkeeps

According to Welkeeps, the employee was hired just last month through a service agency due to the recent increase in demand for masks.

Ahead of this incident, Welkeeps became known as a “nice company” for announcing that they will keep their prices fixed at the normal rate despite the current crisis.

Source: Insight