Weverse Announces Stronger Preventative Measures and Responses to Online Harassment

This applies to BTS, BLACKPINK, and many more.

Weverse recently released an announcement about taking future measures against online harassment that targets artists on the platform, including sexual harassment, slander, spam, and more.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Specifically, Weverse reveal two categories of preventative measures the platform will take moving forward. One of which includes technical measures that will automatically work to help make Weverse a safe place, including:

  • “Automatic checking of posts using AI-based video and photo filtering system and clean-text bot”
  • “Blocking suspicious IPs (that are using VPN and proxy to hide their IPs) and email accounts which will stop abusers from abusing them to create multiple fake accounts”
  • “Improving spam blocking features for real-time chat messages and comments”
  • “Reinforcing policies for reports and blacklists to enable automatic disciplinary actions against confirmed malicious accounts”
  • “Enabling artists and special admins to take disciplinary actions against malicious posts, comments, and messages in real-time”

Similarly, the platform will also take managerial measures which include:

  • “Stronger measures against malicious accounts, including bans from Weverse based on internal policies”
  • “Collecting of posts, comments, chat messages, and reports for taking legal action against malicious accounts.”
  • “Investigating and banning users who use community-specific banned words in their nicknames”
  • “Stronger monitoring measures for real-time and immediate disciplinary actions”
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The platform promises to keep fans updated on the measures taken in order to make it a fun and safe place for both artists and fans.

In addition to these measures, we are currently preparing preventative technical measures to authenticate and identify accounts in order to block malicious accounts from making harmful posts and spamming communities.

We promise to continue to take legal action against people who create multiple accounts and posts with malicious intent, and we will not show mercy.

We would like to thank all the fans who are always on the lookout to spot and report malicious accounts on Weverse.

— Weverse

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment
Source: Weverse
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