BTS’s Jin Is Boxing His Way Into Shape And Fans Are NOT Ready For It

Here’s how ARMYs are reacting to this overwhelming information.

BTS‘s Jin is one-two punching his way into ARMY’s hearts!

When ARMYs think “BTS” and “boxing”, Jungkook is the member who comes to mind. He boxes as part of his fitness regiment and has shared videos of his progress.

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Although Jin and Jungkook playfully box on camera, many fans were surprised to find out that Jin is taking his boxing training seriously behind the scenes.

When an ARMY asked to be Jin’s punching bag on Weverse, he revealed that he has been practicing.

I was just practicing boxing. Heart massage machine, Kim Seokjin

— Jin

How are fans processing this information? They’re not. Just the thought of “Boxer Jin” is enough to make ARMY.exe shut down! Check it out.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

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