A BTS Fan Asked To Be Jin’s Punching Bag And He Had The Best Response

He K.O’d their heart with his answer.

BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome Jin is giving “heartthrob” a whole new meaning!

| Chilsung Cider/Instagram 

Jin is a man of many talents on stage, but also behind the scenes. He is an expert at bouncing between comedy king antics and charming ARMYs with his flirty wordplay.

ARMYs often volunteer to trade places with BTS’s microphones, water bottles, and pets, but one devoted fan asked to be Jin’s punching bag!

“I will be a punching bag,” the ARMY wrote on Weverse. “I’m asking you to hit me.” 

In reply, Jin revealed that the fan’s timing couldn’t have been better. He’s ready to be their “heart massage machine”!

I was just practicing boxing. Heart massage machine, Kim Seokjin

— Jin

Another fan asked Jin this unanswerable question: “Why are you so good-looking? You make my heart throb.”  

Jin, still in boxing mode, said, “Heart [punching] machine, Kim Seokjin.” 

ARMYs fell in love with Jin all over again when they saw his voice acting skills in Episode 109 of Run BTS! This fan expressed their love and sweetly offered to buy him food.

Darling, what is your name? I love you, I’ll buy you a meal.  I liked this so much, I watched it 1204 times. Why you make my heart flutter?

— Fan

“Heartthrob, Kim Seokjin,” he replied. He knows just how to “bomb” ARMY’s emotions!