BTS Were Ready To Strangle A Sloth, And Nobody Can Blame Them

They became hilariously frustrated while dubbing a scene from “Zootopia”.

If your patience hasn’t been pushed to the breaking point yet, you probably haven’t met “Flash, Flash, 100 Yard Dash”!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 109 of Run BTS!, the members dubbed animated scenes from The Lion King, Toy Story, and Zootopia.

| Flash in Disney’s “Zootopia”

For Zootopia, Jin played Nick Wilde (a dishonest fox), Jimin played Judy Hopps the bunny cop, Jungkook played Flash the DMV sloth, and J-Hope played Flash’s sloth coworker, Priscilla.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

In this scene, Nick takes Judy to run a license plate at a sloth’s pace, knowing it will drive her insane. Judy wasn’t the only one ready to rip out her fur though; BTS couldn’t handle it either!

Jin was the first to crack, but the others soon joined him by yawning from boredom…

…and shouting their frustration!

The part where Flash slowly rips a printed page was especially excruciating.

Watching the scene is hard enough, but dubbing it is a whole new level of pain.

That said, BTS channeled that frustration into their characters, making the recording session a huge success. In fact, Jared Bush was so impressed with Jimin’s Judy Hopps, that he invited Jimin to work with him!

“Zootopia” Co-Director Invites BTS’s Jimin To Work With Him