BTS’s Jin Is Celebrating Like Dionysus, And It’s All Because Of ARMY

What fans what, Jin is happy to deliver.

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and partying knows how to celebrate, and so does BTS‘s Jin!

| BTS 5th Muster DVD / Big Hit Entertainment

At midnight on July 15 (KST), BTS released Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey, their 4th Japanese studio album. It features Japanese remixes of Korean songs from Map of the Soul: 7, including “Dionysus”.

| BTS / Big Hit Entertainment

Fans fell in love with “Dionysus” all over again, and some even raised a glass in honor of its release. On Weverse, this fan wrote, “When I watch the sky through this wine glass that has Dionysus on it, I automatically sing ‘Dionysus’.”

Jin saw the post, and he felt that he had to join in!

Okay, since ARMY wants it, I’ll drink a glass because ARMY really wants me to, it’s seriously because ARMY wants me to, there’s no choice..

— Jin

Well, if ARMY really wants it then it can’t be helped, right? For more find out how fans are reacting to hearing “Dionysus” in Japanese.

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