BTS’s V Advises A Fan On How To Romance Their Crush

He shared his wooing technique with ARMY.

Do you need some help in the romance department? BTS‘s is here to help!

Sadly, we can’t all marry V himself, but we can take notes on wooing techniques. V is an expert at charming hearts, and he’s happy to share his secrets with ARMY.

On Weverse, a giddy fan asked ARMY to cheer them on. The fan was nervous about going to meet up with their crush. “Everyone! I’m going to go meet the person I like later on! I’m nervous! Please support me!”

Instead of just cheering the fan on, V offered advice. “First,” he wrote. “when you meet them, drink half a bottle of water then put a rose in it to give to them.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because V once demonstrated his floral arrangement skills in a BangtanTV behind the scenes clip.

Check out the full video here. Who knows? It might help you win someone’s heart!