V Exposes BTS’s Habit Of Not Wearing Clothes At Home 

He gave fans a hilarious TMI that nobody was expecting.

Leaks and spoilers happen, but nobody exposes BTS like BTS themselves!

Lately, the members have been continuing their education and working on multiple projects, so V hasn’t had much time for Weverse.

| V/Twitter.com

After being away for a while, he returned to chat with fans on July 17. V commented on several posts, including one about his look-alike, and this appeal for more BTS content.

Taehyung, since you haven’t been here in a while, reveal lots of videos of the members… Reveal Taehyung’s album… We welcome the members’ faces within Taehyung’s phone any time.

— Fan

According to V, the members don’t share as many personal videos and photos as they could because of their ongoing fight against “oppression” to “protect [their] worth.” Translation: they don’t wear clothes at home.

That’s fine, but we have the tendency to have the free mind of wanting to stop oppression and protect our worth. So there aren’t many that show us with our clothes on.

— V

Wait, what? What? 

Naturally, this TMI sent ARMY into a panic, but to be honest…it explains a lot.

Like this fan said, you don’t need clothes if you’re a Bulletproof Boy Scout!

For more, find out what V had to say about his fashion twin.

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