BTS’s V Is Doing His Part To Protect Fans From COVID-19 

He wants ARMY to stay safe.

BTS‘s V doesn’t just tell ARMY he purples then; he shows it through actions.

Right now, with COVID-19 cases still on the rise, the world is at a standstill to flatten the curve. Social distancing is in effect, and everyone is strongly advised to stay at home as much as possible.

Recently, V has been logging into Weverse more frequently to invite at-home ARMYs to play online games with him. This plan, however, has not gone accordingly.

Rather than playing games from home, V realized that people have been going out to internet cafes instead. When he came up with his ‘stay in and game with me’ plan, V didn’t imagine this as a possibility. He is now asking fans to protect themselves from COVID-19 by staying home.

ARMYs might want to leave the house because of COVID-19, but if you can, stay home and play games with me. That was my plan, but I found out that some people are going to internet cafes..please, don’t go. I didn’t think [of that].

— V

Staying inside all day can be a difficult lifestyle change, but ARMY can show V how much they purple him back by putting their health first. Here are some quarantine activities to keep you busy:

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