BTS’s J-Hope Is Ending ARMYs On Every Platform, And They Welcome It

He’s taking over Tiktok, Twitter, Weverse, and more.

If you are experiencing chest pains, high blood pressure, and faintness, don’t worry. You’re not dying. You’re falling for “Dynamite” era J-Hope!

Every since BTS revealed the first teaser photos for “Dynamite”, fans have been ready to risk it all for J-Hope, aka Jung Hoseok, Hobi, Jay, the boyfriend they’ll never have.

Ouch. Yes, reality hurts, and so does this. 

Teasers and music videos were more than enough to make anybody swerve into J-Hope’s lane, but then he casually took over social media.

First, there’s the selfie he tweeted to celebrate the b-side “Dynamite” MV. In it, J-Hope rocks his retro outfit from the music video while pouting cutely for fans.

His shirt said, “OBEY”. ARMY said, “Absolutely.”

Shortly after that, J-Hope jumped on the Weverse app to show off his duality in this seriously handsome selfie.

| J-Hope/Weverse

How are J-Hope stans holding up? They’re not. Not even a little bit.

TikTok ARMY isn’t safe either. Every since BTS invited fans to try the #Dance_Dynamite TikTok challenge, J-Hope has been personally commenting on fans’ videos.

At first, it wasn’t clear which member was behind the screen, but this sweet comment gave his identity away.

All in all, this is HOPE WORLD. The rest of us just live here!