“We Got Married” Confirms They Will Not Be Rebooting The Series After Rumors Of NCT Being Cast Spread

They will not be proceeding.

Rumors had recently been circling on social media that the faux marriage reality show would be making a comeback with a 2021 reboot. The alleged casting documents were leaked on social media with NCT as the listed main cast. The rumors caused a huge frenzy as many longtime K-Pop fans wondered if the show would make a return.

The document stated,

  • 3. We’ve Become A Family
  • Format: TV Variety Show, 60min, 8 episodes
  • Content: Faux marriage of K-Pop stars and the story of a real family will give rise to the WGM Reboot project.
  • Casting: NCT and other K-Pop Top Stars
| @ten0rigin/Twitter

However, MBC directly dispelled the rumors on August 3, 2021. A representative directly stated to press that “it was true there were discussions of the show. However, it will not be produced. We will not produce a show with ‘We Got Married”s format. It is true we did discuss contents of a fake family rather than a fake marriage, but it was only discussions and we will not be producing it.

It seems like fans of the show will be sorely disappointed with this denial of rumors.

Source: Star Today