Wheesung Found Passed out in His Home After Injecting Himself With Sleeping Drugs

No illegal drugs were detected in his system.

According to the Seoul police, a man had been reported to have passed out in a residential building at around 8:30 PM on April 1.


The report claimed that the man was found with a bag of needles and bottles containing liquids around him.

The man was later confirmed to be the singer, Wheesung.

The police later carried out a urine test and confirmed that Wheesung was tested negative for illegal drugs in his system.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Wheesung injected himself with sleeping medication.

Following the investigation, Wheesung was released to go back home, and additional investigation is set to take place at a later time.

Ahead of this incident on March 26, the police began their investigation behind Wheesung’s purchase and use of propofol.

Singer Wheesung Under Investigation Again By The Police For Alleged Illegal Use Of Propofol

Back in July 2013, Wheesung was investigated for the habitual use of propofol but was later cleared of all charges.

Source: Insight