Whistleblower Levies New Serious Allegations Against SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” — Threatens To Further Expose Show

“I will speak out…”

New allegations targeting SBS‘s Unanswered Questions’ alleged biased reporting have surfaced.

Poster for Unanswered Questions | SBS

Recently, a post written online by a self-alleged industry insider has gone viral. According to the insider, they had interviewed for the FIFTY FIFTY episode but had been completely edited out. News of the insider’s participation and subsequent has brought on even more criticism to the show.

I am the person who interviewed for and was edited out of Unanswered Questions. I am the person that was mentioned on Lee Jin Ho’s YouTube channel.

— Insider

The insider then revealed that they were also the person who submitted a proposal for tampering laws to the Ministry of Culture. Tampering is the act of maliciously interfering, exerting influence on, or attempting to make alterations. The Givers has long been alleged to have tampered with ATTRAKT’s relationship and exclusive contract with FIFTY FIFTY.

I am the person who proposed an anti-tampering law for K-Pop to the Ministry of Culture last July. I interviewed with Unanswered Questions for an hour and a half.

— Insider

The insider then warned that if Unanswered Questions did not offer a thorough explanation for the many allegations surrounding its FIFTY FIFTY episode, they would speak out.

I understand Unanswered Questions is preparing their statement. If their explanation isn’t satisfactory, I will speak out. I am preparing a national petition for the anti-tampering law, and I will expose everything about the interview (Unanswered Questions) on several online communities.

— Insider

As evidence, the insider posted a business card of a producer on Unanswered Questions.


Stay tuned for updates.

Source: wikitree