Wife of Director in Korean Celebrity Adultery Scandal Refuses to Give Him A Divorce

One of the biggest scandals in South Korean entertainment has taken over the media with news of actress Kim Min Hee (32) having an affair with director Hong Sang Soo (54), a married man. And now, his wife has spoken up.

On June 21st, the director’s wife spoke to media portal Star News over the phone, who is said to have hesitated in speaking about the subject. However, she was absolute in one thing, revealing, “I won’t get a divorce. I’ll wait until the day I die.”

She continues, “I love him, and he loved me. Everyone around us is aware of how family-oriented he is. I still have hope. My husband is going to come back to us.”

Rumors of Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo’s affair began to spread rapidly in the film industry near the end of 2015, however, was never picked up by the media until it was made public just recently. According to reports, the director left his family for the actress, informing both his wife, whom he’s been married to since 1985, and daughter, who is currently a university student, about his affair last September.

Source: Star News

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