William Hammington Volunteered As Tribute To Protect His Dad And Bentley And We’re All Crying

I’m crying ugly right now.

During the recent episode of Return of Superman, William Hammington pulled off the unthinkable when he offered himself up as tribute to protect his dad and his brother.

The two boys were at a special lesson where they learned filial piety and proper manners. During one of the lessons, Bentley defied the teacher’s orders and messed up a piece of work. As punishment, the teacher announced that he’ll have to punish Bentley.

Bentley immediately burst into tears, but William was seen also tearing up for his younger brother.

However, since Bentley was too young, the teacher decided that Sam will have to take the punishment instead.

Sam agreed to take the punishment as he rolled up his pants, and Bentley burst out in more tears, not wanting his dad to get hurt.

When the teacher asked who then should be punished, Bentley said William should!

William was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events, but when the teacher asked if he would take the fall for his brother and dad… William immediately agreed and got up by himself!

He lifted up his pants, looked at his family, and boldly announced, “I will take the punishment.” His actions took Sam, the teacher, and the staff by surprise as no other toddler had sacrificed himself for others before!

Sam was overwhelmed by his oldest son’s actions, and declared that he will ultimately take the punishment for his sons. The teacher (not really wanting to punish anyone) decided to pretend to hit Sam.

William immediately rushed to Sam, grabbed ahold of his legs, and cried as he didn’t want his dad to get hurt.

The undeniable love and sacrifice that these three Hammingtons had for each other brought literally everyone to tears!

Sam Hammington went on a radio show soon after where he confessed that he was blown away by William’s actions. He was so touched that he actually began to cry on the scene – even though it was edited out in the final episode.

He also revealed that the whole staff was crying too.

It didn’t come out on broadcast, but I was also tearing up a lot.

As soon as I heard William say, ‘I will take the punishment instead’, I teared up. When the teacher was trying to hit me, William grabbed both of my legs and cried.

The whole filming scene was a sea of tears.

— Sam Hammington

Sam, William, and Bentley Hammington continue to prove each week that they have a bond that’s unlike any other!

Try not to cry as you watch the full video below:

Source: Newsen