WINNER completes second MV filming, more planned?

Inner Circle may get their long-awaited comeback from WINNER soon as YG Entertainment recently confirmed the popular group has completed their music video filming.

On October 30th, YG Entertainment told media portal OSEN“Last week, WINNER filmed two music videos for two songs in Sweden. Soon, they will be filming two more. We are getting ready for four music videos.”

WINNER has been one of the most highly-anticipated comebacks by fans as they have not been seen since their Korean debut in August 2014 with 2014 S/S. The group’s debut was considered a hit as they took over digital charts and music show awards, obtaining the title as ‘Monster Rookies’ and later winning ‘Rookie of the Year’ in yearly award shows.

Unfortunately, since their debut, they have been busy promoting overseas, particularly in Japan where they focused on their tours.

This lack of Korean promotion focus has recently built a backlash from WINNER fans (Inner Circle) as they have called out for a boycott against the group’s latest DVD release as an act of defiance against YG Entertainment, stating “We are not an ATM” (More here).

So despite the announcement of WINNER’s upcoming music videos, the real question remains, when will the comeback countdown actually begin?

This year, YG Entertainment has held comebacks for their male groups including Jinusean, BIGBANG, and the recently debuted iKON, whose continuing album release recently saw a change in schedule.

Source: OSEN