WINNER’s Jinu Has The Funniest Reaction To K-Pop Fans Beefing On Twitter

Now the tweets have gone more viral than ever. 😂

Twitter user @3sik came across this GIF of WINNER‘s Jinu smiling like sunshine…


…and, well, it’s understandable how it immediately triggered @3sik’s “Protect This Man At All Costs” mode. Unaware that Jinu completed his mandatory military service between 2020-2021, @3sik begged Jinu, in a frantic tweet, to “not enlist.” 

| @h2y_SIRI/Twitter

Oppa, please do not enlist.

— Twitter @3sick3sick

Unintentionally, @3sik’s response caught the attention of another Twitter user @SIRI who, equally frantically, threw hands at @3sik for “trying to send Jinu back to the military.” While rough in language, @3sik quickly apologized for pushing @SIRI’s button; Though, to be fair, the enlistment is basically an open wound for any K-Pop fan with a male bias.

| @h2y_SIRI/Twitter

SIRI: He’s done with his service, you dumb sh*t. Why are you trying to send Jinu back to the military?

3sik: F*CK I’M SORRY

The amount of panic and chaos in the string of tweets had been more than enough to make the thread trend…

| @h2y_SIRI/Twitter

WTH? Just bamboozled. Oppa is literally 32 years old.

— Twitter @h2y_SIRI

…but it went “REALLY REALLY” viral when WINNER’s Jinu found the conversation.

WINNER’s Jinu | @xxjjjwww/Instagram

Posting the tweets to his Instagram Stories, Jinu had the most hilarious reaction:

Jinu’s Instagram story. | @xxjjjwww/Instagram

Jinu acknowledged the obvious love for him evident in the tweets, though playfully roasting the sheer amount of aggressiveness in the interaction!

What a lovely conversation 💙

— Jinu

Korean online communities, like theqoo, picked up on Jinu’s Instagram update and K-Pop fans had a good laugh over how 200% done Jinu sounds at these two non-WINNER fans beefing over his enlistment.

| theqoo
Source: theqoo (1) and (2)