WINNER’s Jinwoo Has Officially Enlisted In The Military

Serve well, Jinwoo.

WINNER‘s Jinwoo arrived at the Nonsan Military Training Center today to begin his mandatory military service.

He arrived at the training center covering his hair and face.

But once he was ready to greet the reporters and fans who were waiting to see him off, he immediately took both off.

Sporting his new, clean shaven haircut, he smiled throughout his last meeting with the public before his enlistment.

Following his 4 weeks of mandatory basic training, Jinwoo will serve as a public service worker.

Jinwoo is expected to be discharged from the military in October 2021.

WINNER will be releasing their third full album Remember on April 9. This album is the last album for WINNER as a full group before Jinwoo’s enlistment.