Poor Kang Seungyoon Prepared A Special Ending That Miserably Failed On “Inkigayo”

He ran out of time…

WINNER‘s Kang Seungyoon recently came back with his solo track, “Better”, and not only did he display a spectacular live performance of it on SBS‘s Inkigayo, but he even had a special ending prepared that didn’t go as planned.


After finishing off his performance, he urged the camera to wait as he took something out of his pocket.

And following much fumbling and rummaging, Kang Seungyoon finally took out the piece of paper, only to realize that his time was up.

As a result, his ending scene simply showed Kang Seungyoon rushing to take something out of his pocket.

But he later revealed what he actually had planned through his Twitter account.

He shared a photo of the sign he wanted to show off for his ending scene along with the caption, “The intention of an ending fairy. 5 seconds is shorter than I thought.

| @official_yoon_/Twitter

And the sign he intended to hold up was even more adorable.

Seungyoon’s Seoul dialect and Busan dialect. Seoul: It’s not like that. Busan: it’s not IYAH.

— Seungyoon

“IYAH” is the title track of Seungyoon’s new album, “PAGE”.

Check out Seungyoon’s hilarious attempt at a special ending in the clip below:

Source: Insight