This Popular Male Idol Makes A Surprising Confession That He’s Never Dated In His Life

But wait, there’s something very suspicious here…

WINNER appeared on 2 PM Cultwo Show to discuss their new track, “AH YEAH”. Kang Seungyoon explained that the song is about a couple who broke up but continue to fight.

I found inspiration for our track through the movie, ‘Very Ordinary Couple’. It’s about a couple who broke up but continue to be around each other and fight. I thought, ‘If this is the case, then it’d be better to just be strangers.’

I wrote this thought on a memo and worked on the song.

— Seungyoon


This led to a discussion about each members’ dating style where Mino revealed he’s as passionate as he is cold. Seunghoon then made a surprise confession that he’s never dated in his life!

I’ve never dated in my life. I only have eyes for Inner Circle.

— Seunghoon


The rest of the members scoffed at his answer, claiming it was just fan service by an “idol robot“.


But something’s very strange here… Seunghoon once revealed on Radio Star that he dated a top star before!


It appears the silly Seunghoon is a master-wooer as he knows just the right things Inner Circles want to hear!


Considering just how handsome, talented, and attractive this man is, it’d make no sense for him to have been single his whole life! Just do what makes you happy, Seunghoon!

Source: isplus