WINNER’s Seunghoon Says He Once Dated A Top Star, Fans Think They Know Who

“It’s probably an actress. YG men always dated actresses. Shin Min Ah, Han Yae Seul, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Yoo Jung.”

WINNER’s Seunghoon was recently put in the spotlight for his confession of having dated an all-time top star.

Seunghoon recently appeared on an episode of Radio Star and made this confession on his own without even being asked!


Not only did he confess that he dated a top star, he even gave the audience a 3-step lesson on how to date one!


According to Seunghoon, the first step is secrecy.

“Because they are top stars, the most important thing is secrecy. It’s important to keep quiet so I’m actually trying to be very cautious confessing this here in case it might affect the person. I’m going to stop here.” ㅡ Seunghoon


The second step is being patient.

“You can’t be complaining like why can’t we go to the Han River and have a beer or why can’t we go here.” ㅡ Seunghoon


And the final step is sincere love.

“The heart is what’s important.” ㅡ Seunghoon


After hearing about Seunghoon’s confession and his knowledgeable advice, fans have been becoming more and more curious about who this “top star” could be and some have even been making their own guesses.

  • Park Bo Young…my friend is an entertainment reporter so believe it or not!”
  • “Could it be CL? They look good together visually.”
  • “It’s probably an actress. YG men always dated actresses. Shin Min Ah, Han Yae Seul, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Yoo Jung.
  • Seolhyun? IU? Aren’t they all-time top stars?”
  • Park Bom?”


Although it will probably continue to remain a secret (lesson #1!), fans nonetheless expressed their support for Seunghoon’s love life, whoever it may be with, as long as he is happy!

  • “I support a Seunghoon and his beautiful love life!”
  • “I’ll continue to support even your love~ so let’s be together forever!!”
  • “I’ll be supporting your love too~”
  • “Seunghoon is full of charm!! I support Seunghoon’s youth. I’ll always support you.”
  • “I hope he experiences beautiful love and is happy~~ And please use those emotions to create more good songs~~~”
Source: Naver TV and Nate