WINNER Mino’s Bold Fashion Piece Proves Once Again That He’s A Fashion King

It only works because it’s Mino.

WINNER‘s Mino was spotted at the airport recently as he headed out for another scheduled overseas.


Mino proved that he was the fashion king once again by wearing bold and unique pieces to finish his burgundy look!


Many notably commented on his unique necklace that seemed to have a heavy piece of metal. He complemented his look with red hair and cycling goggles!


Many netizens questioned his fashion sense, but his fans quickly pointed out that the whole meaning of fashion was to break the norm.


They complimented his fashion style and claimed it only looked good because it was Mino!

“Song Mino is hot. His style is the best too.”

“I’m old….. I can’t tell why that fashion is trending….”

“He’s so hip Have a safe trip!”

“This only works because he’s Mino”

“If he’s happy then that’s all that matters. He looks good!”

“Fashion is only about self-satisfaction. Why are people bothering him about it?”



This isn’t the first time Mino has made headlines with his trendsetting looks! Needless to say, this Fashion King remains unbothered by all the talk about his bold style!

Source: Newsen