WINNER’s Mino Had The Most Unexpected Reason For Wearing A Blazer Without A Shirt At The Airport

He did say he was the member in charge of sexiness

WINNER’s Mino has always loved experimenting with fashion and style.

Less than a month ago, he already made headlines for his dying his blonde hair with patches of black, that it looked like a bumblebee.

Needless to say, he loves it and is still sporting it to this day.

Recently, Mino was caught by photographers when he arrived in Bangkok. But no one was ready for his airport fashion.

Mino confidently walked out wearing only a blazer, with nothing else underneath.

His airport photos made headlines across South Korea as the rapper showed off his toned body.

Some Inner Circles claimed that Mino was just asserting his role as the WINNER member in charge of sexiness, as he had previously stated.

Others claimed it was because of his personal style. After all, this is a man who somehow manages to make patchy hair dye look good.

But when asked, Mino revealed the actual reason, which no one was expecting.

It’s not that I purposely wanted to look sexy, it’s just that I wanted to wear a suit but it was so hot, so I didn’t wear anything underneath

Some are confused as to why Mino really wanted to wear a suit that day to the point where he was okay with being photographed topless.

However, many are amused at how much Mino cares about his style and they think that he pulls it off great!

The photos clearly demonstrate how confidently Mino carries himself and how great he feels about his own fashion.

And Inner Circles are thankful that Mino doesn’t care what others think as long as he feels satisfied himself.