WINNER’s Mino Will Be Hosting A Special Countdown Live Ahead Of His Solo Comeback

He’ll be holding it live from a cinema:

With excitement running high for WINNER Mino‘s solo return at the end of the month, Mino will be meeting up with fans through a special comeback livestream!

YG Entertainment recently announced the special TAKE Screening Night event to celebrate the release of Mino’s second full album TAKE. The event will be broadcasting live 1 hour before the digital version of the album is released.

Mino already has plenty of fun planned for fans too! Through the broadcast, Mino will be introducing his new songs, reacting to teaser content, telling various stories, answering questions, and much more.

Adding yet another unique element to the broadcast, Mino will also be holding it from a cinema where his album will be screened from!

| @ygent_official/Twitter

The countdown live will be broadcasting live through VLIVE starting at 5 PM KST on October 20, 1 hour before the new album drops.

TAKE, meanwhile, will be Mino’s first release in two years since his album XX dropped in 2018. The new album will be releasing digitally on October 20 while the physical album will be available on November 4.

Source: Newsen


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